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We've created a personalized approach to your cybersecurity challenges

Stay protected from the latest digital threats with M87 Cyber’s complete cybersecurity ecosystem of personalized advisory, managed, and education services.

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Cybersecurity threats are evolving. Are you ready?

Your data is your most valuable asset. What is your business doing to stay ahead of the latest digital threats?

M87 Cyber helps you maintain the freedom to do what your business does best. Our agile and flexible approach provides you with everything you need to anticipate, detect, and confront today’s biggest cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity isn't our job—it's our passion

Stability is everything today, and that’s why we’re focused on empowering the enterprise through robust cybersecurity capabilities, expertise, collaboration, and information sharing.

Our team is always looking for the next big breakthrough in cybersecurity. That’s why we’ve created a complete cybersecurity ecosystem that provides our partners with a robust array of advisory, managed, and education services.

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How do we tackle
cybersecurity challenges?

We leverage deep industry expertise and behavior analytics to create actionable threat intelligence that is designed to protect your business, its people, and its assets.

Identify the Threat

We identify a threat to your organization using the latest threat intelligence and detection tools.

Determine Severity

We determine how severe the threat is and what steps are required to contain and mitigate any damage caused.

Define Intent

We define what the threat is trying to do, how it will impact your organization, and what remediation looks like.


We respond by remediating the threat, addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring your people, processes, and technology are protected.

Cybersecurity Operations Center

Creating the cybersecurity technology of tomorrow

M87 Cyber has everything your business needs to stay informed, protected, and ready to respond to cybersecurity threats. Our combination of cybersecurity experience, cutting-edge technology, and industry expertise is the competitive edge you need against digital threats.

Managed Security Services

Educational Services

Advisory Services

Stay proactive and ready to respond to potential threats with M-87 Cyber’s dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists. Keep your networks and sensitive data protected by applying our proven methods, industry best practices, and technology.

Create a culture of cybersecurity within your company with our education services. Discover the latest industry insights, technology, threats, and more through dedicated workshops that focus on your company’s specific cybersecurity needs.

Identify your company’s biggest cybersecurity weaknesses with M87 Cyber’s advisory services. We help you measure your ability to combat digital threats, maintain compliance, and the capabilities of your team to respond under pressure.

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Overcome your biggest cybersecurity challenges with M87 Cyber

We leverage deep industry expertise and behavior analytics to create actionable threat intelligence that is designed to protect your business, its people, and its assets.

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